Meet Cute

“Hey, um excuse me. That’s my drink,” Iris’s words were timid. If she hadn’t needed the caffeine she wouldn’t have said anything. Not to mention the man was tall and intimidating. He turned away from his group of friends and gave her, what was probably supposed to be a charming smile, but Iris just saw arrogance.

“Oh well, you can have mine. It’s an even trade,” he said smoothly. Iris felt irritation rising up like fire coming back to life. When he attempted to turn back to his group she scurried in front of him

blocking him. “Look jerk face,” Iris tried to limit her swear words. Once she started swearing it was hard for her to stop. “My coffee machine broke this morning and you are standing between me and my coffee.”

“Why can’t you just drink mine?”

“Why the hell can’t you drink yours and let me have mine?! Plus, yours is probably made with milk. I can’t drink milk.” The man took a long infuriating sip from Iris’s coffee. Iris felt her face flame at his brazen behavior.

“Iris, you have excellent taste in coffee drinks but I do believe I just saved you from a stomach ache. This drink was definitely made with regular milk.” Iris didn’t know what to say. She was actually semi-grateful for this ridiculous and arrogant stranger that saved her from a day in the bathroom.  She watched as he walked over to the counter and spoke to the barista who then looked embarrassed.

Was he actually ordering ANOTHER drink? How much coffee did this man need? He now has three cups and she hasn’t had one, Iris thought to herself. Sleepiness washed over her. No longer angry, she wondered if she really wanted to spend more money on coffee or if she should just go home and go back to sleep.

“Here you go Iris. Vanilla Latte with almond milk,” he no longer looked arrogant but just nice. “I watched the barista like a hawk to make sure that they used the right milk this time.” He winked at her.

“Uh, thanks,” she took the coffee. Immediately she put it to her mouth and the first warm gulp of too hot coffee soothed her sleepy soul. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that the man’s friends had wandered off to the couches in the corner but he was still standing in front of her smiling.

“I’m Thom, by the way,” he held out his hand which she accepted. He hooked her hand around his arm and lead her over to his friends.

“Guys, this stunning woman is Iris. I was an asshole to her earlier but I think she has forgiven me.” Iris removed her hand and smiled.

“I don’t know about that. The coffee was a good start.” The group laughed and welcomed Iris into their fold without a second thought.

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