A Letter From H.Higgs

Dear Friends,

How are you? This is my second draft of this letter. My first draft was tinged with a bit of snarky attitude. My excuse: I was hangry. No one likes a hangry mom.

Right now I am listening to the mellifluous tones of my two youngest loves refusing to take a nap. They are, I think, body slamming each other against the walls and floor. No one is crying or screaming. Occasionally, Tiny will yell, “Mom, I’m not tired!”. Lies!

On this cold day I’m trying to figure out what to write about. Then I decided why not create a new category. It’s my blog. I can do what I want. Now I’m trying to write my writer’s block away.

Here are ideas I have for the blog:

*Letter’s from the Author (Basically more of this type of writing)

*A little store selling some of my favorite items: Journals, planners,pns and coffee cups. All designed by me. Believe me these are the things I obsess over. There’s a reason why my mother-in-law always gets me coffee cups for Christmas.

*Book reviews: if you have suggestions please tell me! I’m always adding to my list.

*Vlog: Talking about books while I hide in my closet. My closet is my happy place. It always has been and always will be.

If you have suggestions leave me a comment below! Or if you have a question please feel free to ask. I’m happy to talk to anyone.

Thank you for reading!


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