A Letter from H.Higgs

Dear Readers,

                Ok Friends, I’m exhausted. My brain hurts and I just want to sleep for days. I’m sure anyone can relate to this. I suffer from frequent bursts of all consuming brain fog. The fog creates a writer’s block and I fall off the writing wagon. Bumps, bruises and tears ensue and it’s just a hot mess. So from now on I’m going to write when I want to write. Post when I want to post and generally not care if you want to turn Troll, and not the cute Disney Trolls, and start whining about my content.

                It’s not going to be consistent. Pick and choose what, when, and how often you want to read my stuff. I don’t care. For now, I’m going to do my thing and not worry about how many views I get.

                You don’t want to read about my kids, then don’t. You don’t like my short stories? Don’t read them. I realized today, that I’m here for you if you want to come to me but I’m not going to beg you or anyone else to subject yourselves to my writing. Ok?

                So Friends, how are you doing? I’m a mess but I’m working on it. I got to record with one of my partners in crime, Booklore Jen. We were talking about Douglas Adams’s(?) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Thank God, for Jen’s patience because that recording is going to need some serious work. Honestly, I COULD NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING.

                Now, I’m going to go cook pancakes for dinner because I’m exhausted. (Full circle)


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