Dear Readers,

Last time I left you all I was a half, ok mostly, insane stay-at-home mom with dreams of becoming a writer. I was also living in a tiny apartment. These days, I go to work in a medical office, still dream of being a writer and I have upgraded to a town house. Honestly, this is the biggest house I want to live in because who (who I ask you????) has the time and energy to clean anything bigger?

Oh and side note I’m SOOOOOO close to living in a diaper free house. (Please know kidless people how amazing this feels).

Starting a new job is a little stressful, but mostly in a good way. Moving is has also been stressful but again, in a good way.

This post is more of a little letter to let you all know that while life has changed my dreams of becoming a writer have not. Short stories are coming. When I’m not napping or hanging out with my handsome hubby on my lunch break I am dreaming of stories.

I think I’m going to take up the Mother of Pirates story again. It’ll be a little different this time. You may not know that I’m not great with beginnings, in life or in stories. I prefer to jump straight to the middle. So the  middle I will start and I will construct around that. This is your warning.



Heather 🙂

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