Once Upon a Time

there was a tired mom. She drank coffee like it came from the fountain of youth. She stayed home with three little people. They were all mini versions of her, each with their own large personality.

The eldest was a sponge. She soaked up everything she saw and heard, even the not-so-great things. This little genius, was a master mind and the friendliest child you would ever meet. She would grow to do AMAZING things. For now she fluctuates between using her powers for good and for evil. L is the leader.

The middle child was the Bruce Banner of the bunch. She was sweet and cuddly until she raged out. We liked to call her Tiny. She also liked to call herself Tiny. She was shy. People were surprised when they realized, Tiny will not let you push her around. She was strong and willful. Tiny was the middle child.

The baby was all smiles. All he had to do was look at you with his big blue eyes and smile at you enough to show his dimples and you were a goner. He could bring you over to the dark side with just a look. He pulls out all of the stops in order to get you to give in. O is the baby.

Then there was the handsome and hardworking hubby. He was the one who makes our magical lives, including this blog possible. (shout out!) He was always at work or at soccer. When he did find time to spend with us, he spoiled us rotten.

These people and more will all be a part of every story. Whether they are written in or not.

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