My Life Among Pirates

When my children whisper it makes me nervous. They don't whisper cute little secrets to each other. If the Tagalongs start to whisper among themselves it means they are plotting. I have been accused, by well meaning people who've never seen my children in action, of being dramatic about my children's behavior. But until you … Continue reading My Life Among Pirates

A Letter from H.Higgs

Dear Readers,                 Ok Friends, I’m exhausted. My brain hurts and I just want to sleep for days. I’m sure anyone can relate to this. I suffer from frequent bursts of all consuming brain fog. The fog creates a writer’s block and I fall off the writing wagon. Bumps, bruises and tears ensue and it’s … Continue reading A Letter from H.Higgs

How to Make a Martyr

Ingredients: 1 Hot Mess Country 1 Drop of Hate 1 Drop of Love Directions: *Split the country into two groups. Don't worry about them being completely equal, they never will be, you'll just make yourself crazy. *Now put a drop of hate in one bowl and whisk it up into a nice froth. Hate does … Continue reading How to Make a Martyr