A Letter from H.Higgs

Dear Readers,                 Ok Friends, I’m exhausted. My brain hurts and I just want to sleep for days. I’m sure anyone can relate to this. I suffer from frequent bursts of all consuming brain fog. The fog creates a writer’s block and I fall off the writing wagon. Bumps, bruises and tears ensue and it’s … Continue reading A Letter from H.Higgs

Meet Cute

“Hey, um excuse me. That’s my drink,” Iris’s words were timid. If she hadn’t needed the caffeine she wouldn’t have said anything. Not to mention the man was tall and intimidating. He turned away from his group of friends and gave her, what was probably supposed to be a charming smile, but Iris just saw … Continue reading Meet Cute

Have You Heard?

Booklore Jen and I have a Book Club! We like to call ourselves BookClub Knights. (Don't judge, no one likes a troll.) We pick a book at the beginning of each month, record our bookclub discussion and post it on Booklore Productions YouTube channel! We like to discuss a myriad of books and would LOVE … Continue reading Have You Heard?